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The real estate agent is an operator in the real estate market who provides a service aimed at facilitating the conclusion of real estate sales or rental contracts.

The primary task of the real estate agent is to help the parties find an agreement in order to conclude the deal, provide adequate information on the value of the real estate asset and to advertise the property, impartially intermediating between buyer and seller .

When you decide to entrust the task of selling a property to the real estate agency, a contract is stipulated between the parties, through which the agency undertakes to promote the property in question. This contract is defined as an "assignment" and contains all the essential elements to proceed in compliance with the legal regulations between the private individual and the agency.

Among the various points that can be included within the mandate, below are the most relevant:
• Description of the property: square meters, number of rooms, appurtenances, intended use, etc. must be explicitly reported.
• Indication of the real legal situation, any mortgages, transcriptions, pre-emption rights, potential rental situation.
• Reporting of the duration of the assignment and the renewal method.
• Information regarding the terms within which to conclude the preliminary contract and the deed of sale.
• Transcription of the sales price and the commission, usually to be considered subject to VAT.

Entrusting an exclusive assignment means that the seller undertakes for a certain period of time, usually from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 12, to let the sale of his house be entrusted to the appointed mediator alone.

The commission is the compensation due to the real estate broker for the activity provided in the event of conclusion of the deal.

It is the main contractual instrument with which anyone who intends to buy or sell a house (or any other property) undertakes, in writing under penalty of nullity (the void contract is invalid and produces no effect), to do so.
The parties undertake a legally binding commitment between them to sell and purchase the property. This means that the parties to the contract, and more precisely the promising seller, owner of the property who intends to sell it, and the promising buyer, who therefore intends to purchase, assume the commitment or obligation, respectively, to sell and purchase the house , and therefore undertake to stipulate a new contract, the definitive contract of sale, with which only the transfer of ownership will take place.
The APE is a legally required document that is indispensable for the sale and advertising of a property and can be
drawn up only by technicians authorized in the Region. It represents the energy label of the property which, taking into consideration multiple parameters, not just structural, expresses the energy consumption of your home. It is expressed through a numerical index in Kw/m2. and a letter from A to G where G indicates the lowest class with the highest energy consumption and A the highest one with the lowest energy consumption. The times for issuance vary from 5 to 10 days and has a duration of 10 years. The cost (including VAT and regional taxes) is approximately €200.

The deed or notarial deed is the final act of the entire process required to become the owner of a property. It is that contract with which the parties formalize their mutual wishes regarding the transfer of ownership of a property. This contract is signed before a notary who, in addition to registering it, also transcribes it in the public real estate registers so that the sale is made public and is also effective towards third parties. At the time of the Public Deed of transfer of ownership, possession of the property is also transferred, which must be free from things or people unless otherwise agreed between the parties.